Art Direction
Art Direction
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I was commissioned to illustrate a piece for Vanguard’s cover story on how political accountability has affected our government's capacity to get things done. The writer posited that lobbyists were taking advantage of these checks and balances, making it more difficult for officials to draft and execute new reforms and public works.

duck tales, disney xd

josh parpan - color scripts

justin parpan - visual development designer

the ducktales reboot debuted on disney xd in 2017. the series pulled inspiration from both the 80s animated series and the famed carl barks comics of the 1940’s and 1950’s. justin parpan provided production design services for the first season while josh parpan provided full color scripts - sean jimenez was the art director for the series.

color scripts

color scripts were created and handed off to the bg paint team to be used as a guide for each episode. this was a helpful tool to map out how the color would flow through each scene. it was also a way to explore value and composition before the paint team had to tackle full color bg work. by the end of the first season, 21 of these color scripts were created.

the title sequence

below is the color script that was created for the new duck tales title sequence.

designing duckberg

justin provided pre-visual design work for every location in season one. the globe-trotting nature of the series meant that there would be little bg reuse requiring a lot of work building up the world of duck tales. this work was later handed to the bg layout team to use as a guide for creating the shows final bg artwork.