Art Direction
Art Direction
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The politics editors at Kipp Harbor Times were covering the memorial development of former president Dwight D. Eisenhower. They needed a visual that conveyed the differing opinions surrounding the story.

scarecrow joe, parpan creative and nickelodeon animation studios

written and created by the parpan brothers

scarecrow joe is an 11 minute television pilot produced by the parpan brothers for nickelodeon animation studios in 2019. the story follows the misadventures of a smooth-talking scarecrow and an awkward teenage outsider who comes into their own while running a business that scares away monstrous pests. inspired by the papran’s love of halloween, small american towns, and roadside diners. scarecrow joe’s origin go way back to their high school years in temecula, california. below is a small glimpse into the larger world of scarecrow joe. stay tuned for more to come in 2019!


the world famous dinersaur - home of the bronto burger!

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