Art Direction
Art Direction

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an early mystery shack gift shop bg key, painted by josh parpan for gravity falls season 1

gravity falls, disney tva

bg paint by josh parpan

created by alex hirsch, gravity falls follows the supernatural misadventures of twins dipper and mabel pines as they spend their summer vacation with their grunkle stan in the fictional town of gravity falls oregon. josh joined the art team as a bg painter in 2011, under the art direction of ian worrel. below is a selection of his work from that period.

below are some very early color studies done for the series (2011). these were used as color keys to help paint final episode bgs later in production.

josh painted several shots from the series title sequence. below is an example of one of those shots.


josh’s painting for the first gravity falls dvd collection. characters by joe pitt.

special bonus! random pictures from the gravity falls years